• Leitza

    A northwest village of Navarra,

    located in the heart of the mountains,

    surrounded by meadows and country houses.

  • Nature

    Discover the secrets

    of our land.

  • Sierra de Aralar

     Enjoy the magic of this Pyrenean landscape.


  • Surround yourself with nature

    and revive rural traditions!


In this area, traditions and Basque culture have been well preserved. Throughout the year there are many celebrations and sports and cultural activities. At the beginning of the year you can enjoy the Carnival. In May, there is the cultural cycle and the Artisan's Fair held on the last Sunday of the month. In June, you will enjoy the Day of the Cider and Saint John's bonfires. In August, there are the local holidays, with a variety of rural sports such as harrijasotzailes and aizkolaris, as well as typical dances.

You can visit San Sebastián and savor its famous pintxos or spend a day at the beach. You can also visit Pamplona, where the well-known San Fermin festival takes place.

Otherwise, if you are looking for relax, you will find the calm of a village of 3000 inhabitants, but with all the services you may need. In our comfortable house you can spend the afternoon chatting or playing board games around the fireplace.

Day trips

Vía Verde del Plazaola
Ruta de los Crómlech
Ruta de los Dólmenes de Aralar

(The Route of the Dolmens)

You can visit...


Peru-Harri. Park of Stone
1km away
It is a stony museum built by Iñaki Perurenan and located in the mountains, 2 km away from Leitza. This is an unique museum in which Iñaki and his son have represented, in stone, the legends and stories of the culture; a 40 tons giant, for instance.  


Txindokie Peak
15km away
The peak is visible from several points of the Basque Country and it is the symbol of the mountain range Sierra de Aralar. Its sharp peak of limestone and its ridge are emblematic for alpinists and climbing lovers. It belongs to the Natural Park of Sierra de Aralar.


Sanctuary of San Miguel de Aralar
 15km away
It is one of the most famous spirituality centres of Navarra. It is a Romanesque temple with three naves and three apses and it is located at the top of the mountain range, from where you can sight an amazing landscape view.
Molino de Zubieta (mill)
15km away
It is one of those places where time stands still. The mill was built in 1785 as a royal mill and today, it is an ecomuseum. The miller still uses his hands and tools from the past in order to grind the wheat and the corn.
Natural Park of Señorío de Bertiz
26km away
This Natural Park is located in the western Pyrenees of Navarra, next to the river Bidasoa. There, you can find a wonderful botanical garden with blackbirds, squirrels and seven different kinds of woodpeckers. In the area of Oieregi there are also large-sized trees which are well preserved.
Cuevas de Mendikulo (caves)
27km away
The caves of Mendukilo disclose the depths of the mountain range Sierra de Aralar. For years, the most hidden secrets have been reserved for speleologists but now, thanks to fitting-out works, they are already accessible to the general public.



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